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Health Quest Wellness Program 

The Case For Wellness
A wellness committee was formed in 2007 to study how employees of Lee might benefit from a plan to improve their health.   The following chart provided the committee with information about what factors may significantly affect each individual’s wellness.

The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services,
Healthy People 2010 cites the following as leading health indicators:

Physical Activity

Overweight & Obesity

Tobacco Use

Substance Abuse

Responsible Sexual Behavior

Mental Health

Injury and Violence

Environmental Quality


Access to Health Care

  • As a part of the study the committee adopted a well campus initiative and formed a plan to include the following ideals:

    • Keep healthy people healthy 
    • Help unhealthy people change their behavior to become healthier
    • Support people with serious health issues
    • Enable people to be more productive and satisfied in their life and their work.

    The mission of the committee can best be stated as:

    Wellness of all employees is of great importance to the continuance of the mission of Lee University.  We can encourage employees to focus on a healthier lifestyle by implementation of a wellness program that pertains to all parts of the body from the physical to the spiritual and by providing tools to make better decisions in regard to physical exercise, weight control, mental health and personal wellness.  

    As a result of the study and the initiatives it is important to consider what changes will impact the Lee University family

    a.     Living well


        i.    Mental and Spiritual Health – Life Balance 

    b.     Exercising well

        i.    Physical strengthening 

    c.      Eating well

        i.    Weight control

        ii.    Considering health issues 

    d.     U are special

        i.    We are concerned with everyone’s personal wellness

    The following four areas of change were addressed and are presented as ways to make significant changes in your health. 


    The first area of concern is to determine each employee’s current health.  This is done by an annual health assessment which includes both the employee’s personal self-assessment and a physical assessment done by a health provider. 

    Completion of the self-health assessment through the BlueCross BlueShield Blue Access website is done as a first step.  A future date is set aside for each employee to attend a clinic to evaluate their physical condition through taking vital statistics such as, blood pressure, weight, height, cholesterol, etc.  A fitness evaluation is included as part of the physical assessment. 

    Within the first week a personal counseling session with a professional is held to set wellness goals both short term and long term.   During this counseling session a plan is written by the professional and the employee with clear steps to reach the goals set.   

    The second area of concern is provide education to help all members be successful in achieving a healthy lifestyle.  During the goal setting meeting a recommendation may be made for the employee to enroll in the Healthy Lifestyle classes offered through the Health, Exercise Science and Secondary Education curriculum which includes portion control, eating out options, and choosing good exercise options.

    Additional changes in lifestyle choices may be required.  An anonymous employee assistance hotline for personal lifestyle issues is provided through the Employee Connect program. 

    Mentoring and accountability are recognized as excellent tools to assist employees stick to goals.  With this in mind, a team environment is part of each employee’s plan.  Assessment of goals accomplished, progress of individuals and challenges to include spiritual as well as emotional support is evaluated. Evaluations are done in six week periods.

    The third area of impact is exercising well.  Not only is there a need to consider eating and living well but increasing strength is a step to better health.  To entice employees to consider changes to increase strength, rewards are offered for success with an exercise plan in five distinct levels.  Participants in all levels must attend wellness events within each six week period.



    Wellness Events



    Entry Level

    White Oak


    50 pts (12)


    Novice Level



    125    (32)

    T-Shirt & $10 gift


    Great Smoky


    250     (64)

    T-Shirt & $25 gift

    Advanced Level

    Mt. McKinley


    400   (100)

    T-Shirt, $50 gift, & drawing entry

    Expert Level

    Mt Everest


    600  (150)

    T-Shirt, $75 gift, & drawing entry

    **25% of your points must come from strength points
    • 30 minutes of strength workout = 1 point
    • 30 minutes of cardio workout = 1 point
    • Wellness Events = 2 points (minimum required for each level)

    Participation is the goal, choose a level to begin and accumulate points toward the Expert level by attaining 600 points. For example, once you achieve the entry level the 50 points are accumulated toward the novice level. Adding 75 additional points affords the participant that level’s award and the chance to accumulate more points as you move upward to Mt. Everest. Points are not lost after attaining a particular level. 

    All members who attain the advanced and expert level will receive the award for the level reached and their name will be placed in a drawing for a special prize. Making health choices can be rewarding in many ways.

    The fourth area of concern than can impact employee health is having a place to receive general health care. An Employee Health Clinic is established to offer the employee an opportunity to save out-of-pocket costs. The after hours clinic staffed by a physician, physician assistant, and nurses is provided to employees one night each week from 5 to 7 p.m. in the University Health Clinic. Services offered are simple health exams, dispensing of antibiotics and other general health medications, and monitoring of general health issues. The cost for each visit is $15 plus the cost of medication.

    Advantages to LEE and yoU

    It is the consensus of the committee that following this type of plan can lead to changes in lifestyle and health. The following are viewed as advantages this type of change may invoke:

    • Increased awareness of the relationship between lifestyle and good health
    • A reduction in work absences
    • A savings in medical insurance costs which may lead to reduced premiums
    • A reduction in diseases and early deaths

    I.     Year 2011- 2012
           For 2011 the program will have four 8-week periods

    a.     First Phase

    1. Sign up for HealthQuest
    2. Complete online personal health assessment with BlueCross BlueShield
    3. Schedule an appointment for metabolic and fitness assessment

    b.    Second Phase

    1. Receive results of assessments and schedule personal counseling session
    2. Peer Activity Group assignments will be announced
    3. Begin to acquire points with exercise plan and attend wellness events
    4. Report personal progress through Portico
    5. Mentoring is encouraged among group members and the peer activity group leader

    c.     Tools

    1. Enrollment in Healthy and Effective Lifestyles class does not affect 6 hour free tuition benefit
    2. Food diaries and meal planners are available
    3. Activity diaries are available online

    d.    Evaluations

    1. Reporting of progress through the program to Human Resources
    2. Measurement of effectiveness and changes

    e.    Rewards

    1. Awards luncheon after each 8 week period
    2. Personal achievements
    3. Team awards


    II. Go forth and conquer and live well. “But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the  Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard.” Isaiah 52:12


    Jason Herndon, Benefits Coordinator

    Andrea Hudson, Head Coach of Volleyball

    Kevin Hudson, Director of Campus Recreation

    Dr. DeWayne Knight, Associate Professor of Athletic Training

    Ann McElrath, Director of Human Resources

    Mickey Moore, Director of University Health Clinic

              Dr. Mark Wickam, Professor of Health and Exercise Science

              Dr. Mike Iosia, Professor of Health and Exercise Science


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