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Academic Support Services

Lee University provides a free Academic Support Program for its students. If you have an academic need or a disability, you can benefit from programs that include group study discussion groups, academic counseling, tutorial services, and support groups. Additional services are provided for students who can verify a learning disability, attention deficit disorder, or physical handicap. These services include support teams, testing accommodations, classroom accommodations and personal monitoring. Remember, these services are free to all Lee University students, and any subject qualifies. Apply at the Academic Support Program Office. No appointment is necessary.

Academic Advising

Undergraduate: You will need to have an advising appointment before you are ready to register. Advising is available through your school or college. Attendance at your advising appointment is required. The advising session is an opportunity to meet with a faculty member in your intended major and receive advice regarding your progress and course selection. All international undergraduate students are encouraged to take GST 201 – Global Perspectives for International Students. This is a 1-hour cultural adjustment seminar designed to support international students as they adjust to life in the Lee community and in the United States.

Graduate: You will need an advising appointment before you register. Advising is available through your department. Upon your arrival, you should make arrangements to visit your academic department prior to the date and time indicated on your Appointment Time Card.

Academic Course Load and Evaluation Methods

Undergraduate international students are required by American immigration law to register for at least 12 credit hours (approximately 4 classes) per academic semester, and graduate students are required to register for at least 9 credit hours (approximately 3 classes) per semester. Grades are assigned at the end of the semester unless the student is performing below academic standards, in which case a mid-term grade report is sent to the student.


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